It seemed…

One of the coldest nights of winters in Delhi it was. The air was still damp followed by the silence, after a light rain, but the moon was now partially visible. The streets were moist enough that the fragrance of the soil could be sensed through my window, and the only sounds I could hear were the ticking of the clock, hanging on my right wall, and the soft breeze. While I, embracing my blanket, looking towards the half hidden moon with one of my hands resting behind my head, was silently waiting for the dawn, as the day I was waiting for so long was finally here. I was finally going to meet my favorite person, after so long. We were going to spend a whole day together and I had to ensure that it comes out to be one of the best days of our lives.

The two of us were finally ready to proceed our journey towards the secret destination. She was in a white ethnic Indian attire, having the Lucknow’s famous chicken embroidery done on it, along with a black dupatta on her right shoulder, which was a perfect match to the shirt I was wearing. A black Bindi on her forehead, big-silver Jhumkas dangling from her ears constantly touched by one of the fringe (latt) of her hair and a beautiful Gajra tied in her messy bun was just enough for anyone to not to stop himself from falling in love with her. We’re now walking towards the car and my eyes, it seemed, would have stuck with her face, and with every step or two she’d catch me looking at her. With each eye contact, she would first widen her eyes and then blushingly smile, to which my heart would skip a beat. Finally, she broke the silence and said, “Where’s my gift?”. “Waiting at the destination”, I replied. The time actually was running like seconds with her. We just began our journey and in no time were we this close to our destination. She was so lost in the conversation that she didn’t have any clue that we had stepped in the beautiful Agra city, and would soon be reaching the Taj Mahal for the first time with each other.

“Ice-cream!!”, she pointed from the window all of a sudden in her childish punjabi accent. I knew what her favorite flavor was, and we both said to the vendor, “BUTTERSCOTCH”, while he blushed as if we had kissed each other. We kept on driving, she was busy finishing her butterscotch cone from one hand and feeding me with the other one, (which was romantic and scary both) I somehow managed to save my shirt after she successfully painted my nose with it. But the game was still on, the last part of my cone was still left, yes that chocolate filled part, who on earth would sacrifice that ? Definitely, not me!, I thought. And as soon as I looked at her she extended her hand towards me, with her innocent eyes assuring mine that she won’t eat my favorite part. To which my heart melted down and before I could speak anything the chocolate part had been stuffed in my mouth already. (I was actually going to give up that part, strange!)

She was amazed, we were finally standing in front of the Taj, holding hands. Her eyes were busy exploring the place, while mine were stuck at her. We walked to the other end and reached at a circular stage, made just for us, and soon the artists started playing their instruments and there were billions of rose petals bounced in the air. She couldn’t believe for a moment that this was actually happening. I knelt down and gave her the final surprise, it seemed the best moment of our lives. I was just about to confess my love to her when a loud lightning happened, and thick droplets of rain started falling on my face shortly. I got up immediately and soon realized it was a dream. :’)

Sadly, as always I was lost in my fictional world but at least my favorite chocolate part was now safe.



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Muskan MN

Muskan MN

Voracious Explorer & a Passionate Writer